The Creative License

The Creative License by Danny Gregory

The Creative License by Danny Gregory

Six months ago, I introduced Every Day Matters from Danny Gregory . I couldn’t stop thinking about this subject and so I ordered a couple of books. One of them “The Creative License: Giving Yourself Permission to be the Artist You Truly Are” I show you today.

I often had have problems to see myself as a creative. Surely in daily life I programm Application and that’s not really “creative”, is n’t it?. But I love to take photographs and to draw. But if you model oneself on the best illustratos, it would be hard to be satisfied with the own sketches.

And here the book comes into action. You see on 198 pages, that the world can be different. Gregory shows in this book what is “Creativity” and he uses his own illustrations and text. And he encourages us me again and again, to do draw, what and how I decide.
I shows really good, why you get discouraged by the peoble around you and how to fight against. He attaches great importance to see, that a bad drawing or sketch isn’t existent. For me that’s an incentive to continue. And he shows with the whole serie of his illustration that practice is useful: You get better and abetter.

But that is not a classical book for drawing, like: “You have to do it this way and your drawing is perfect!”, but it deals with “Do it, draw it, again and again and you’ll find your way to sketch!”. So I can recommend this book for about 14,– € warmly. If you want to know more, have a look at Gregory’s Blog, there he wrote a post ybout his own book.

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